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 Folderviewer 5.2

Preview FolderViewer 6.0  (takes time to buffer HD quality)

FolderViewer, the Whole in One of Windows, has been completely rewritten from ground up. The program has been designed with the user in mind, making the user more productive at organizing and managing files using MS Windows 7, 8 ,10.

Main features of FolderViewer (introduction video)

  • Dual Panel File Manager with many extended features (Read "What is a file manager" first)
  • Advanced Copy Software Tool using properties - i.e. Artist, Album, Title, ISO, F-Stop, Country, City, Street etc. - of the file to create the target Folders
  • Advanced Rename Software Tool, using file properties like: Country, City, Street etc. as part(s) of the new filename
  • Search Tool, including Google Desktop Search (still available on the Internet) with the option to export the results (Text, Excel(X), XML, HTML) or save them to disk
  • Find File Duplicates using bit by bit compare
    - Sort on Date Created or Date Modified
    - List in Ascending or Descending order
    - Copy, Move or Delete Duplicates
    - Save the results for later use
    - Print reports of File Duplicates
    - Export File Duplicates list to Excel, HTML, XML and Text
    - View and Compare Files, Videos and Pictures in a side by side preview mode
    - Multiple Folder searches like "f:\documents;f:\documents\backup"
  • Data Analysis of the Search results using Pivot Tables with the option to export the results (Text, Excel(X), XML, HTML) or save them to disk
  • Dual Panel Internet Browser, executing saved Internet searches, using unlimited searchengines with an Advanced History Database
  • DuckDuckGo Bang! Database to use in Internet searches
  • Multiple Document Library Databases
  • Multiple Picture Library Databases
  • Single Music Library Database; print and search Lyrics 
  • Single Video Library Database
  • Syntax Editor and Hex Editor
  • Embedded multiple Windows Media Players
  • Network Tools
  • Multiple Remote Desktop clients
  • System Tools
  • Printing and Exporting Folder content with selectable File properties
  • Generating Webpages as contactsheets for your Photos or Documents
  • Two dimensional MATRIX-queries to search your Libraries
  • New Folder wizard, with history
  • Create Playlists for YouTube to be used in Chrome and FireFox
  • Create Playlists for Groove
  • Dynamic Drive Lists

MatirSoft is the original inventor of the ribbonstyle menu. The extensive Helpfile has been replaced by several instruction videos published on our YouTube channel. These videos can also be reached from within the program itself.
Watch all the videos here: Instruction Videos at the MatirSoft YouTube channel in 1080p HD resolution. Read the following article "Zen and the Art of File and Folder organization" and learn how FolderViewer can help you realizing just that.

This version incorporates many features previously included in our other award winning programs:
Winuscon®, Browser PA® and VAST®. These programs were discontinued on May 30, 2016. 

All download links on the Internet to these programs are now being rerouted and will download FolderViewer instead.

FolderViewer the Whole in One of Windows

Become a more productive User of Windows

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Introduction to FolderViewer. Wait for the stream to load to get a sharp HD picture ( ESC to Return)

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