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Advanced / Smart Internet Search

Often, simply entering a couple of keywords or a question into the search box of your search engine will provide adequate results. However, there are times when you need to carry out a more extensive search. The advanced search options provided by search engines can really help you to unearth the most relevant resources.The handout Techniques for advanced internet searching provides useful advanced search tips and some activities for you to try.

FolderViewer enables you to search the Internet in a very advanced and smart way:

  • Click on the Internet tab and next on Internet Search
  • Select Append New Search, enter an meaningful description, select the search engine DuckDuckGo and select a Bang! (read more about this subject here)
  • In this case the Movie Database has been selected. There already many Bang!'s in the database and you can add or change them yourself
  • The results from IMDB will be shown in the Browser
  • Shift click on the first result to open the details of this result in the right Browser panel
  • You can repeat this search by double clicking on the node in the Saved Searches Database on the left side of the panel

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Introduction to FolderViewer. Wait for the stream to load to get a sharp HD picture ( ESC to Return)

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