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Advanced / Smart Copy Tool

In the MicroSoft File Explorer files are copied by selecting them in one folder and paste them in another or new folder. This is not a very smart way of doing things. 
Why not make use of the information embedded in each file, document, photo, video or song. Properties like First Letter, Author, Subject, Category, Street, City, F-Stop, ISO, Artist, Song Title, Album - to name a few - can be used when copying or renaming the files. 

You can copy your files to destination folders, based on these properties, which are created automatically during the copy operation and organize your files in a very intelligent way.
You can also use this information when you add files to one of the four available Libraries. The Library itself can be filtered of queried to select files you need for your project, article or presentation. The File structure and Libraries used in MS Windows are rather rigid and limited. The libraries used in FolderViewer are very flexible and easy to use.


  • First select the Pictures to Copy
  • Next select from the CopyFiles pulldown menu the to Picture Properties >> Geo Tags >> Country\City\Street item
  • For each Picture a target folder will be created according to the properties Country, City and Street
  • Finally the Pictures will copied into the automatically created Folders, saving you a lot of time again and again. The pictures will have to contain Longitude and Latitude EXIF properties of course. The Country, City and Street values will be fetched from the Internet and are saved inside the IPTC properties of the picture itself.

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Introduction to FolderViewer. Wait for the stream to load to get a sharp HD picture ( ESC to Return)

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