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Analyze Searchresults

A pivot table is a table which is used to store the summary of a certain data set in a condensed manner. The table consists of rows, columns, data fields, and pages. These components can be moved around and it helps the user to expand, isolate, sum, and group the particular data in real time. This table enables the user to view the differences in a very big set of information. It is very helpful in organizing a large amount of data in FolderViewer search rsults.

A pivot table takes a data field and converts the header of each column into a data option which can be easily manipulated by the user. Columns containing data can be removed from, added to, or moved around the table quite easily. Here, user friendly and informative summaries can be created from long rows of raw data. The data can be summarized in various ways including frequencies and averages. Using the pivot table in FolderViewer has many benefits which are described below.

Easy to Use 

  • Open the Search panel
  • Set the Start folder for the Search: in this example the folder containing pictures from Toscany Italy has been selected
  • Checkmark the Properties option
  • Click on Find to execute the search
  • Select Data Mining
  • Click on Filters to select Columns and Rows; or Open a saved Pivottable lay-out
  • The ISO property has been selected as a row and the F-Stop property as a column
  • Click on Print to print the table or select Export to export the table to i.e. HTML, Excel, XML or Text

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