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Rating Internet Search Results

Rating your Favorites enables you to order them according to your personal liking. It will save you time when you search for your next holiday destination when you rate the destinations immediately. 

  • Open the Internet Search Panel, enter your search data and finally execute the search
  • Click on one of the results and Surf to the website of your liking
  • Next click on the button on the left of the address bar, this will add the details of the current website to the database
  • Rate the website using a 7-point Likert scale
  • Click on the Save button to save the meta tags, descriptions, date visited, keywords, personal tags and rating to the Sites Visited Table. 
  • The records in this Table are linked to your saved searchdata in the Search Table. So now you can have rated Favorites, which will make it much easier to track and trace the sites that were most valued by you.

    Selecting a search record or clicking on a node in the Tree of Saved Searches, will automatically list all of your rated favorites belonging to this particular search.
                                                                                  (Click on the Image to Enlarge) 


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