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FolderViewer is a full-service Windows Explorer replacement.

You will enjoy the dual pane layout that incorporates and extends
many familiar features like the ability to quickly browse through
folder content, manage and organize Microsoft Office documents,
photos, media files and more. It seamlessly integrates with
Internet Explorer allowing access to a text editor, media player,
image viewer, single Music Library Database for printing and
searching lyrics. The layout of FolderViewer lends itself to
efficient file and folder management but has enough extras and
quick access tools to appeal to even the most demanding of workloads.

Another nice feature available is System Tools; from this tab,
you can access many essential system utilities like quick access to
Windows Tools, Control Panel, Command Prompt and PowerShell ISE.
You can also access User Account management for fast
changes to Home Group settings/users, stored usernames, and
passwords, etc.

FolderViewer also offers network tools for IP monitoring or
WhoIS queries and everything is presented via tabs as well as a
convenient, customizable quick access toolbar making it an efficient
option for maximum productivity.

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FolderViewer is an application that could be a great choice for
those who require a reliable file and folder manager for
organizing their data. Featuring a thoughtful design that
incorporates numerous quick access features and tools,
the application provides users with an enhanced file /
folder management system. Additionally, it also comes packed
with dedicated modules for network monitoring and system tools,
which complete the bundle.

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FolderViewer is a powerful and comprehensive file manager and explorer designed
for Windows computer which allows you to easily handle and 
manage all your files
and folders. The program will help you save time and increase your productivity,
allowing you to better manage all your projects under MS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
Unlike Windows Explorer, this application is able to support a dual panel interface.
Each panel provides a wide variety of functions, such as File Search, File Explorer,
Internet Explorer, Picture library, Video Library, Hex Editor, System Tools,
Google Desktop Search, Document Library, Music Library, Syntax File Editor,
Network Tools, Windows Tools, and more.
FolderViewer integrates an advanced search function which allows you to save
all your search parameters for later use. This will help you always obtain consistent
results in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the program lets you manage
all the information embedded in documents, files, videos, photos or songs.

·         Allows you to better manage and handle your files.

·         The program comes with a powerful and complete interface.



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Curiously, it still holds a greyed-out reference to download and install the Google
Desktop Search. Since GDS has long been defunct that rather shows the app's
age and the fact that it has apparently been undeveloped for several years
and arguably should be retired on that basis alone. However, it is an interesting
piece of software that challenges one to define it, but it is certainly NOT just
another Windows Explorer add-on comparable to Windows Double Explorer
as someone has suggested, nor is it a by any means a Windows Explorer
replacement (which position has probably been held by xplorer² for years now).
No, this app definitely seems to be based on the theory of collaborative
computing and may have broken - and still be breaking - some new ground.
Quite how useful it is I have yet to determine, but I suspect that, like
Lotus Agenda, there may be nothing that quite matches it. by Slartibartfarst

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Ich habe FolderViewer soeben installiert und kann Ihnen versichern: an diesem
Datei-Manager gibt’s nichts zu meckern. Auch das Design ist rundum gelungen, 

Balsam für das schönheitshungrige Auge. Absolut gelungen ist auch der XYplorer,

mein langjähriger Favorit unter den Dateimanagern. Und wenn Sie beim Ordnen

Ihrer Festplatten gerne gute Musik hören, Bluesdiary hat den Soundtrack dazu. 

(by Rudy Lehnert)


Introduction to FolderViewer. Wait for the stream to load to get a sharp HD picture ( ESC to Return)

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