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New features and fixes

FolderViewer 5.2 released on December 17th, 2017

  • Copy selected Filenames to Clipboard in TXT or HTML code
  • Toggle Hidden Files/Folders on/off
  • History panel added to Explorer to select files using a calendar and filesystem dates created, modified and opened
  • History panel added to Document Library to select documents using a calendar and the date the content was created or last saved
  • History panel added to Picture Library to select pictures using a calendar and the date the picture was taken 
  • Thumb option added to Searchpanel. Now you can print an advanced contactsheet from your searchresults.
  • Netflix searchengine added to the Browser
  • Introduction video (wait a few seconds to load full HD)

FolderViewer 5.15 released on September 9th, 2017

  •  - Browser: Advanced History added; with filtering and searching
  •  - Browser: History of searches sorted ascending
  •  - Browser: Tabs visible

  •  - Browser: Executing Search in Addressbar fixed
  •  - Browser: Rating Sites Visited: 1-5

FolderViewer 5.14 released on August 26, 2017

  • Added a Search Engines Database
  • Fixed errors in the Internet Tool 

FolderViewer 5.13 released on August 12, 2017

FolderViewer 5.12 released on July 22, 2017

  • Added All Configurations (GodMode) option to the System Tools menu.

FolderViewer 5.11 released on July 19, 2017

  • Fixed Slide Show for some computers
  • Bug fixes 
  • Speed improvements
FolderViewer 5.1 released on April 22, 2017
  • Full Windows 10 Creator Update support

FolderViewer 5.04 released on April 9, 2017
  • Video Library records can now contain Online Videos.
  • Play online Videos straight from the Library.
  • Create YouTube playlists using the Video Library as a source.
  • Print the Notes attached to Library records.
  • The Websites Visited Database is now grouped on Date by default.
  • Dynamic Drive List has been added to the File Explorer.
  • None of the MicroSoft Advertisements will be displayed in your File Explorer.
  • Folderviewer has now become donorware to Save the Children.
  • Go to the CONFIG tab and select Save the Children to donate any amount you like.
  • FolderViewer will be free for you to use and share. 
  • Every user will receive lifelong Updates and Support.
FolderViewer 5.03 released on March 3, 2017
  • Two dimensional MatriX queries in Document Library.
  • Two dimensional MatriX queries in Picture Library.
  • Two dimensional MatriX queries in Music Library.
  • Two dimensional MatriX queries in Video Library.
  • Search on individual properties in all the Libraries.
  • Show thumbnails in Search results.
  • Produce HTML pages with links to Files on your computer, NAS or server.
  • Added 5 new special Folders like i.e. Applications, Recent Folders, Frequent Folders.
  • Set a certain Folder as Root Folder.
  • Re-designed System Tools Menu, with many new utilities available.
    • Control Panel (i.e. Printers)
    • Windows Tools (i.e. Computer Management)
    • Windows Apps (i.e. Problem Steps Recorder)
    • File System Tools (i.e. Backup / Restore)
    • User and Groups Tools (i.e. Credential Manager)
  • Saving a TableView as Default, will open this View automatically.
  • The New Folder wizard saves all used Foldernames.
  • Switch Windows button has been added to the Quick Access toolbar.
  • Create Playlists for YouTube.

    Introduction video to of FolderViewer 5.03
FolderViewer 5.02 on 08-November-2016
  • Find Duplicate Files enhanced version.
  • Dual Preview panel to immediately examine the Duplicates.
  • Export Duplicate report to XML, TXT, HTML and Excel.
  • Print Duplicate report.
  • Use multiple Search Roots.
  • Use Crumb Bar to set Search Root.
  • Search panel added to Explorer.  Example Search for artist:black eyed peas
FolderViewer 5.01 on 08-October-2016
  • Uninstall icon is no longer located on your Desktop.
  • Size and location of FolderViewer is stored.
  • "Quick Access" and "Favorites and Desktop" can be selected seperately.
  • Preview Panel (SHIFT+CTRL+F4) is shown in its own panel.
  • Find Duplicate Files introduction in a very limited version. Will be enhanced. 
  • All Favorite Internet websites can be listed in a Table
  • Rate your Internet Favorites using a 7-point Likert scale


Introduction to FolderViewer. Wait for the stream to load to get a sharp HD picture ( ESC to Return)

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